Plugins for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence.

Quick Issue Creation

This plugin features a convinient and fast method for creating issues: a simple text box with a simple formatting syntax. This enables you to create issues in a fast way when only a need for few fields values is necessary. The syntax is easy to learn, and powerfull enough to insert all kinds of fields.

Installation Guide

The Addon can be automatically installed from the Addons section in JIRA, just search after “Quick Issue Creation”, select it on the list and press Free Trial.

Or it can be downloaded from the marketplace website. Click here to open the website to download it.

Note that a free trial license must be installed or a license purchased to use the login.

User Guide

Press Alt+Ctrl+Q (or click QIC in the top menu of JIRA) to open op the Quick Issue Create window:

Alt text

An input box is displayed, and the cursor should be blinking. If you are already on a project or issue page, the project should have been inserted at the start. E.g. for the project named Testing Project (with key TP), the input box whould look like this:

Alt text

In the box you can fill out the necessary information to create an issue. The format of the box is TP &field1=value &field2=value .. and so on. By default the fields “i” (for issue type) and “s” (for summary) are already inputted in the box.

In the above screenshot the issue type chosen is Bug. But you can write the name of any issue type, e.g. &i=Task. The “s” is the summary and you just fill in the text, e.g. &s=This is the summary.

If you need to input more field values (e.g. if you have specific fields required in your scheme), they can also be defined. Click on “show help”, and read about the fields.


Lets say you need to create an issue in TP with summary equal to “This is a bug”, with issue type equal to Bug, remaining estimate equal to 2 days, and the labels “mechanic” and “software”. Then you will insert the following into the box:

TP &i=Bug &s=This is a bug &re=2d &l=mechanic,software.

Then press Enter, and the issue should be created. If an error happens, it is shown below the input box.