Plugins for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence.

Mac Mail JIRA

This features an addon for Mac Mail (Mavericks and Yosemite versions) that makes it possible to create issues and add comments directly from the Mac Mail app, by copying the email subject and body. It has custom field support and respects any configuration scheme that you have on your projects and issue types. Attachments are possible to upload as well.

Installation Guide

There are two parts of the Mac Mail JIRA Plugin:

  1. The JIRA Addon (a .jar file that must be installed in the Addons section of JIRA by a System Administrator).

  2. A Mac Mail App Bundle. (must be installed by every user that needs to use the plugin).

The JIRA Addon

The Addon can be automatically installed from the Addons section in JIRA, just search after “Mac Mail JIRA”, select it on the list and press Free Trial.

Or it can be downloaded from the marketplace website. Click here to open the website to download it.

Note that a free trial license must be installed or a license purchased to use the login.

Mac Mail App Bundle

The bundle must be installed on each client that needs to use the Plugin:

  1. First, download the MacMailJIRA.dmg file.

  2. Open the dmg file on the Mac.

  3. Shutdown Mail, if it’s open.

  4. Copy MacMailJIRA.bundle into the Bundles shortcut found the dmg. Or Copy it manually into ~/Library/Mail/Bundles.

  5. Execute the command (in a terminal):

    defaults write EnableBundles -bool YES 

    This will enable addons for the Mail App.

User Guide

To use the plugin:

  1. First, install the bundle as described above.
  2. Open Mail App.
  3. Open Mail Preferences.
  4. Open the Mac Mail JIRA Tab.
  5. Insert the JIRA URL and your admin and password. Do not worry, the credentials are saved in your keychain for security.
  6. Click Connect. If the light turns green, you should be connected. Otherwise, an error should indicate the problem.

Then you are all set up.

To create an issue from an email, you first select the email in some inbox. Then click the small JIRA icon in the toolbar in the top. A dialog opens up where you can select the issue type and project to create the issue in. You can also specify the values of fields available for the particular issue type selected. Notice how the email body and subject are copied into the description and summary fields. The plugin tries to convert HTML into JIRA Wiki Syntax, such that images and links are preserved when creating the issue.

This is a screenshot of the dialog:

Create Issue Dialog

To create a comment, click on the Comment icon (right next to the JIRA icon) instead. Here you have the ability to do a jql search towards the issue you want to comment on. Just type in the JQL search, and results should popup beneath. When you click the result, the issue key is copied into the issue key field, which you can override as you need, if you know the issue key on before hand.

This is a screenshot of the “create comment” dialog:

Create Comment Dialog

Administration Guide

There is no administration area in JIRA for this plugin. But as an administrator, you must assure that the plugin is installed in JIRA and has a valid license.


If you are on a compatible platform, and you get a “Incompatible version” error when starting the Mail App, then copy the, into /Library/Mail/Bundles (or ~/Library/Mail/Bundles, depending on what you chose in step 2) and run “sh” in a terminal window.