Plugins for Atlassian JIRA and Confluence.

Landing Page For JIRA Service Desk

This plugin features a way to customize the Service Desk Landing Page (also known as the Help Desk screen/Portals screen, found at url /servicedesk/customer/portals).

You can choose to add a header area, left sidebar area, right sidebar area and a footer area. The center (or middle) content area is always shown. The content of all areas can be edited in HTML.

You can insert macros as well, and choose exactly where you want to present information.

You can upload files, and create download links, and show images/logos. The CSS-files you upload are rendered on the landing page automatically.

Installation Guide

The Addon can be automatically installed from the Addons section in JIRA, just search after “Landing Page for JIRA Service Desk”, select it on the list and press Free Trial.

Or it can be downloaded from the marketplace website. Click here to open the website to download it.

Note that a free trial license must be installed or a license purchased to use the addon.

User Guide

To use the plugin:

  1. First, install the addon.
  2. Go to Applications -> Service Desk -> Landing page customization.
  3. Choose if you want a header, left sidebar, right sidebar and/or footer.
  4. Edit each area with HTML as you like. Make note of the macros in the bottom of the edit scrren.
  5. Note you can upload files, and link to them, or show images. To show a image, just upload e.g. a PNG-file (e.g. called logo.png). Use the macro {$file:logo.png} in one of the content areas, like <img src=”{$file:logo.png}” />.
  6. You can choose how to present portals, e.g. the original display with a search bar (the standard one you are used to), or you can try out Category-mode, where you define the category for each portal. The categories are then shown on the landing page.


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